Pre-Kindergarten:  2  1/2- & 3-Year  Group and  4-Year-Old  Group

At Sacred Heart Villa we have two sections of Pre-Kindergarten – 2 1/2- & 3-year group & 4 years old group. Our Pre-K curriculum is designed to help children develop their fine and gross motor skills through varied fun activities, educational games, and play. Through social interaction and physical activities, the children also develop their communicative and social skills. Dedicated teachers and fun-filled classroom provide the avenue for achieving these goals. Pre-Kindergarten classes are offered in the following way: 5 full days a week, 3 full days a week and 2 full days a week. Pre-K program prepares our preschool children for kindergarten.

Kindergarten:  The overall Kindergarten program is structured to enhance social and physical development as well as thinking strategies. Through exposure to real life experiences, the children develop their reading and listening skills. With hands-on- activities, children learn the basic skills in Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Health and Math, phonics and reading. With our reading program, our children are able to read in kindergarten. They read in the church at Mass. 

First Grade: In First Grade, introduction to phonological awareness help children learn how to read with expression and fluency. Real life experiences and exciting literature stories are all incentives that make reading fun for children. With sound reading program at Villa, our First Graders are able to read more fluently before moving on to Second grade.  They can also write varied stories, share and publish their stories.  Learning how to read is the key to success in other subjects.  Our First Grade have published two books already as part of their writing program with Wal-Mart.

Second Grade: Besides learning academic subjects, and in Religion students are introduced to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and they receive First Penance during this time. The teachings of the Catholic Church are emphasized throughout their career. In Second Grade, the children also take their IQ test.

Third Grade to Fifth Grade: Our school has a challenging program for students in 2nd to 5th grade. State tests are given in grades 2nd to 5th. The 3rd and 5th Graders take their ITBS test while the 4th take the Math, Science, and the ELA tests. The 5th graders also take the social test and 85%-90% of our students score in the third level and above. Sacred Heart Villa School program has a strong emphasis on Reading and Math. Our children are well prepared in these areas before going to Middle School. Students in grades 2nd through 5th take computer classes once a week.  They also have laptops, chrome books, and tablets in their classrooms for their various academic projects. Besides learning academic subjects, the Third-grade students receive Jesus in the Holy Communion for the First time.  They also have science fair each year.

As educators, we recognize the uniqueness, talents, and different learning styles of each student. So, music is part of our program. Besides class music, individual Piano and Voice lessons are offered for grades Pre-K to 5th during school hours from Monday through Friday. Arrangements can be made with the music teacher even after school.  There is a Latch-Key program available for all students.

Computer Class:  Recently we have upgraded our classroom computers with internet in each classroom.  This will help our students to develop the proper technological skills appropriate to their level.  The upgrading of the computers in the computer lab have been completed.  With a dedicated computer lab under the direction of a technology teacher, students in grade KDG to 3rd Grade have the opportunity to learn the basic technological skills that will aid them in life. Each classroom has laptops, chrome books, tablets and desktop computer with internet connection, camera and microphones. Students attend computer lab once a week. The computers in the lab are new computers received through grants. The school continues to thrive, adding more up-to-date technology to focus on the educational needs for the future leaders of this community.