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Sacred Heart Villa School strives to prepare children, of all faith, for life – spiritually, intellectually and socially. We teach enduring values that will help them in life situations in a changing world.  

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Extra-Curricular activities throughout the school year-round out the excellent educational opportunities at Sacred Heart Villa. Extra-curricular activities not only provide students with opportunities to develop their talents and gifts but most importantly, these activities help them to grow to a deeper appreciation of their uniqueness. Students in Pre-K through Fifth may choose to participate in Ballet and music. We also offer Spanish and Italian language. 

Sports:  Through participation in Sports, Sacred Heart Villa School strives to help each child develop his/her physical, mental, moral and spiritual natures. Students may choose to participate in Indoor Soccer. 

Playground:   We have a new playground for our children.  The children play outside during their recess time. Learning is holistic and it involves physical activities.  Our children need exercise today, especially as we live in a world of technology where social interaction is less appreciated.