Staff & Teacher Responsibilities

At Sacred Heart Villa School
, dedicated and committed teachers and staff make a difference in the life of each student. The academic programs are taught by caring and dedicated teachers. The distinguished faculty of Sacred Heart Villa is multicultural, and that provides a world view to the educational experience. Each brings expertise in teaching accumulated from excellent professional training and years of experience in moving forward to meet the challenges of each new generation of students.

As Catholic school teachers
, we celebrate the fact that each person is created uniquely and thus requires individual attention. Holding this fact to heart, each teacher, conscientiously strives to treat each child with a special attention despite his/her cultural, spiritual, linguistic and social economic background.


We welcome parental involvement, and parents are encouraged to keep in close contact with the teachers and to jointly monitor the progress of the students. Teamwork and mutual concern are evident at Sacred Heart Villa School.

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Name Teacher Staff Responsibility E-mail
Sister Grace Dike, SCGR x Principal

Sister Grace Dike, SCGR x  Spiritual director
Sister Emilia Ogu x Pre-K4
Sr. MaryAnn Ezeali, SCGR x Pre-K3

Sr. Chinedu Iwuji, SCGR x Kindergarten
Sr. Grace Dike, SCGR
x Third Grade
Sr.Edwina Abara SCGR x First & Second Grade
Sister Denise Cona, SCGR  x Staff & Fundraising Organizer
Sister Marianne Alles x Music & Drama
Mark Huoh x Technology
Jamie Zuccaro x Physical Education
Staff x Ballet
Joyce Smith
x School Nurse


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