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On-going Registration for 2018 – 2019 School Year
Are you looking for a school for you child? Visit Sacred Heart Villa School.  Registration for Grades Pre-K ( 3 & 4 ears old) to 5th Grade is on-going by appointment.Please contact Sacred Heart Villa School, 5269 Lewiston Road, Lewiston, N.Y. or call the school at 716-285-9257 or the Convent phone at 716-284-8273 if you have a child that is of school age and need the registration forms. We are now accepting new students for grades Pre-K (3 & 4 years old) to 5th. Options of 2, 3, or 5 days a week are available for the 3 & 4 years old. Please call the school to register now or e-mail at:
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Come and Discover the value of Catholic  Education at Villa:
Sacred Heart Villa School provides moral Catholic values. At Villa, we make a difference in the life of each student through the efforts of the dedicated Religious Sisters, individualized attention, Language Arts, Foreign Language, Before and after school care, affordable monthly tuition payments, extra curricular activities, summer camp, and Remedial Reading and Math for Grades K-5th Grade.

It’s all part of our curriculum offered in a Warm, Loving, Family Environment that is committed to Christian and Academic Excellence.

At the Villa we have a long standing tradition of academic excellence. We strive to create a school community where Christ is the center. Every day begins with Religion in all grades and every First Friday of the month. Kindergarten through 5th grade take turns leading the Mass. We are known for the personalized attention given to each child and the recognition that each child is a special individual.
“Lifelong Learning Starts at Villa.” Come and have with us.

The Villa has three mandatory fund raisers that all families should participate in. They are the Candy Bar Sale, 300 Club, and our main event which is the Chinese Auction. There are also a few optional fund raisers.

300 Club Fundraiser
The 300 Club fundraiser has been included as one of our major fundraiser.  Each family is to participate by purchasing at least 5 tickets.  Ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers if they would like to participate.

The 300 Club drawings begins on November. Sr. Denise asks that you have your payments current as well as the names of the tickets holders. If you are interested in buying tickets or know of someone who would like to participate, please, call Sr. Denise.

Here is how it works: The school sells 300 tickets at $40.00 each.  We then raffle off $75.00 each week for 29 weeks with 4 prizes each week ($25.00, $20.00, and $10.00). On the 30th week at the dinner, in May, a $650.00 jackpot that is broken down for 4 prizes of $300.00, $200.00, $100.00, and $50.00 each is given away.  This gives you the 120 chances to win throughout the raffle.  We still have many tickets to sell and we would appreciate your help.

Your dinner, in May is included in the ticket you purchase.  The place for the dinner has yet TBA.  Please contact Sr. Denise Cona for the 300 Club at 284-8273.

Thanks for your cooperation.

The Villa collects the Campbell’s labels and General Mills “Big G” throughout the year. We also participate in the Target school program. If you would like to be a part of the Target program you have to sign up at the store and specify Sacred Heart Villa as the school of your choice. More information is available at the store.

Please, continue to save your Big G cereal box tops and Campbell’s Labels. These can be turned in to the school in September. Our school also participates in the Target for Education program. In order to participate, all you have to do is designate Sacred Heart Villa as the school you want your donation to go to, then the company will allocate the percentage of your qualifying purchases to the school.


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