School Events

School Events are special school activities that take place during the school year. Information regarding the time and the place when each event will occur is sent home to the parents as that particular event approaches. These events bring us together as a community to share, support, and socialize with one another. They also help us to appreciate the efforts, talents and gifts of each other in building a community of faith. These are times to show our children that we care and that we will do whatever it takes to support them in Catholic education. Some of these events include: Catholic Schools’ Week, Field Day, Science Fair, May Crowning, and Fundraising events. See also the annual school calendar for these and other events. Annual Calendar is available in PDF format.

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School Events are special school activities that take place during the school year. These events provide us with the opportunity to socialize with one another as a community of faith as we show support for our children.

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Please show your support for our school by participating in the school fundraising events. Your participation and contribution keeps the school tuition low. We do not get any aid from the Diocese of Buffalo or State, we rely on fundraisers. These fundraisers will benefit all students.

 Monthly calendar provides an up-to-date summary of activities and events for each month.

Current Monthly Calendar (PDF) : May Calendar 2022

Current Monthly Letter(PDF): May letter 2022

Registration Space available in all Grades. Learn more : PRE-K REGISTRATION FORM 2022-2023 &KDG- 5TH RegistrationForm 2022-2023

Annual Calendar (PDF) SHV Annual Calendar Revised 2021-22

Annual school calendar provides you with an overview and dates of various activities and events that will take place throughout the entire school year. Find here a list of activities, fundraisers, holidays, days off and half days listed by month. If anything is changed, we will let you know through the monthly school letter sent home with children.

Parents of Pre-Kindergarten students who will be going into Kindergarten next year are reminded to go to the Bison Fund and see if they qualify for the scholarship.  The deadline for applying for the scholarship is February 27th.  The website address is  Or you can call Cindy’s phone number 716-854-0869 ext.1.  All the applications are done online.

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