Tuition Payment Plan

Sacred Heart Villa School
Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
5269 Lewiston Road
Lewiston, NY 14092
(716) 285-9257 School 284-8273 Convent

Dear Parents:

Our school uses the direct payment plans where you pay the tuition and fees directly to the school.

Parents will have the following options for paying the tuition:

1. The tuition can be paid in full by July 1, 2018.

2. Monthly payments, August to May. These payments are due the first week of each month. If this type of plan is chosen and the payments are late then there will be 5% interest added beginning in February and 1% each month thereafter until the entire amount is paid.

3. Three equal installments due September 1, 2018, December 1, 2018 and April 1, 2019. The installment payments are due within one week of the due date. If this type of plan is chosen and any installment is late then there will be 5% interest added beginning one month after the installment was due and 1% each month thereafter until the late installment and interest is paid in full.

All accounts must be paid in full by May 31, 2019 or the arrears accounts will be turned in for collection. If any accounts are turned over for collection or an attorney the party responsible for paying the account will be liable for all collection agency and /or attorney fees.

For two children from the same family there is a reduction of $25.00 for each child.  The third child’s tuition is half of which ever tuition applies and the fourth child is free.  Fees must be paid for each child.  The Diocese of Buffalo has the Bison Children’s Scholarship Fund. Forms are available on line at  beginning January 3, 2018. This year the per-application form as well as the re-application form for those who already are getting the scholarship will be done on line.   This scholarship is for students from Kindergarten to 8th grade for those who qualify. The drawing will take place in March.

Fill out the attached option form, sign it and return it to the school along with the registration form and fee.

Any unusual situations (hardship case) must be presented in writing to the office and they will be dealt with individually.
Sr. Elizabeth Domin







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