Sisters of the Sacred Heart

Who Are We?
The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Pontifical Congregation founded on May 9, 1889, in Ragusa, Italy, by Blessed Maria Schinina`. Following the command of Jesus “Obey my ministers,” she rejected worldly pleasures and dedicated herself in service to the destitute, the homeless and the unwanted.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus symbolizes the purpose of this Pontifical Congregation – LOVE. Jesus demonstrated His love in His attitude, teachings, and especially in His ultimate sacrifice, death. Using Him as their perfect example, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus model their own lives after His and continue to offer His people that same Love. See our video

The aim of the Institute, which is carried out in its members, is the glory of God through the seeking of one’s sanctification and the building up of the Church. The spirit of the Congregation and its members is to honor with a special worship the Sacred Heart of Jesus especially adored in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the altar, under the dual aspect of love and reparation. Devotion to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus enables the Sisters to unite their sufferings with that of Christ in the spirit of love and reparation for the salvation of souls.

Since the Heart is the center and source of His love and His Church, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus founded by Blessed Maria Schinina` live out their spirituality of LOVE AND REPARATION TO THE SACRED HEART by serving the poor in union with the Heart of Jesus. Keeping nothing for themselves, they consecrate to His Heart all their activities and make reparation to the offenses and failures which His Heart suffers at the hands of people. “Love and Service to the Poor” is our charism and the Sisters serve the poor wherever they are. Charism is a gift from the Holy Spirit which is given to a person to put at the disposal of others. It’s a way of rendering an aspect of Jesus’ life concrete and visible in any historical context. To us this means to love and repair His Heart rejected by the ingratitude of men. We fulfil this by giving refuge to the sick, the poor and social outcasts .

United in the bonds of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience, the Sisters live a Community life, offering support to each other in the areas they serve. Although centered mainly in Italy, the Sisters also work in Madagascar, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, Poland, India, Canada, and the United States. Wherever they are, their charitable acts and apostolic functions continue to spread the glory of God and His generous forgiveness.

In the United States, the Sisters serve in educating all levels of youths in school and in pastoral works. Teaching is the primary function of the Sisters in Lewiston, North Haven, and Canada. They staff Pre-Schools and also an Elementary School where students are instructed in a family environment in which love, warmth, and security are of utmost importance. The Sisters’ standards are high; yet their encouraging methods and gentle guidance allow all under their care to experience the rewards and joy of success. Interwoven with their educational expectations is the introduction to the teachings of Christ and His unconditional LOVE for mankind. The motto of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is “LIVE JESUS” and that is just what they do. By doing so, they bring joy and peace not only to themselves, but also to all whose lives they touch.

Prayer Life:

Prayer is the center of the Sisters’ lives, for it is through prayer that they receive the guidance and assurance they need to carry out God’s work. Just as the Sacred Heart is the source of their love, so prayer is the source of their inspiration. As a community, the Sisters participate at daily Sacrifice of the Mass, have Eucharistic adoration once a week, recite the Liturgy of the Hours and the Rosary, and make their meditation. They also have annual and monthly retreats. As Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, they have devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, especially on First Fridays and Saturdays of every month. Individually, they pray at various times during their busy day. Prayer totally permeates their apostolate and their lives. During the day, the Sisters unite themselves with the suffering Christ, offering all they do in the spirit reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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