Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities such as Ballet and Music offer students at all grade level the opportunity to develop and enhance their social skills and as well develop their unique talents and gifts that make them special. Through participation in Extra-Curricular activities, Sacred Heart Villa School strives to help each child develop his/her physical, mental, moral and spiritual natures. Living in a competitive and information age, acquainting our students with the basic technology skills is essential to prepare our them in fast changing technological world.

Computer Class:
With a dedicated computer lab under the direction of a technology teacher, students in grade 2nd to 5th have the opportunity to learn the basic technological skills that will aid them in life. Each classroom has a computer and students attend computer lab once a week. The school continues to thrive, adding more up-to-date technology to focus on the educational needs for the future leaders of this community..

Ballet is offered to students from Pre-K through Fifth grade once a week during school period. The instructor comes from Feders School of Classical Ballet. In the Spring, there is Ballet recital held at Sacred Heart Villa. Some of the students also participate in the Nutcracker presentation done by the Feders School of Ballet in the Niagara Falls area each year.

Our School offers music for grades Pre-K to Fifth. Besides class music offered once a week, individual lessons on Piano and Voice are offered to students during school hours. Times are arranged by the Music teacher. There is also music recital during Spring. Please call the school for more information.

Christian Karate:
Christian Karate is a six weeks Karate class taught by Rev. Robert Heisner. It is an after school activity, and students from Pre-K to Fifth grade can participate. Through Christian Karate, the students not only learn how to defend themselves, if necessary, but most importantly, they gain knowledge of how to walk away from a problematic situation and to be a good Christian.

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