What makes us great . . .

Mission and philosophy:
At Sacred Heart Villa School, our mission is to “teach as Jesus did.” This is based on fellowship and the life of the spirit. We strive to create a learning atmosphere where each student has the opportunity to reach his/her highest academic potential while, at the same time, growing spiritually in Christian love.

Central to the goal of Sacred Heart Villa School is the conviction that high achievement and a quality elementary education with a holistic curriculum, taught in a traditional environment, is the essential foundation for a student’s success in higher education.

As Catholic educators, we strive to generate in our students a love of God, a commitment to the teaching of the Gospel, and a wholesome desire to serve the people of God in the community in which we live. This is done through religious guidance, which is integrated throughout the curriculum and school activities. We are committed to respect the life and dignity of each person in the building of a community in Jesus’ name.

Sacred Heart Villa School is a Private Catholic Elementary School striving for Christian excellence as well as academic achievement.

To turn our goals into reality, we have set forth the following objectives:

• To nurture the value of loyalty and service to our Faith and Country; our Neighbor and Ourselves.
• To encourage respect and understanding for people of all races, creeds, economic and social backgrounds.
• To develop study habits, that will promote a better understanding of subject matter needed by our children to live productive lives in our technological society.
• To promote physical fitness and develop habits that will build and maintain good health and work habits.
• Academic excellence fostered by the personalized education afforded by a low teacher-to-student classroom ratio which ranges from 15-25 per class.

Sacred Heart Villa School: A Foundation for Success!

The Right Environment: Beginning with the right environment for learning is essential to build the proper foundation. Sacred Heart Villa School offer smaller class sizes and personal attention. This maximizes children’s ability to learn and enhance their potential to succeed. In fact, our students excel in everything from Reading and Math to science and Language on standardized tests. As a result, 90% of our students score in the third level and above. Our children are well prepared in these areas before going to Middle School.

Villa continues to maintain its academic excellence through high standards of teaching. Math, Science and Language Arts are at the core of our curriculum, because they are the cornerstone of great education. These subjects provide students with the building blocks for success in life. Villa’s curriculum is based on the NYS Standards, which helps to prepare the students for tomorrow’s world.

Technology: Sacred Heart Villa utilizes the latest technology to prepare your child to become a successful participant in the information age. From interactive instructions to hands-on demonstrations, Sacred Heart Villa students gain knowledge of current technologies, thus enriching their well-rounded, faith based educational experience.

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