Since the Heart of Christ is the center and source of His love and His Church, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus live out their charism of Love and Reparation Sacred Heart through love and service to the poor in union with the Heart of Christ. Keeping nothing for themselves, they consecrate to His Heart all their activities and make reparation for the offenses and failures which His Heart suffers at the hands of people.

Blessed Maria Schinina` said, “Sisters, let us help the Spouse of our souls in the great work of redemption, with flowers on the huge tree of charity, let us go to find souls for Jesus, thirsting on the cross, who suffers and dies for us.” Today, following in the footsteps of Blessed Maria Schinina`, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus dedicate themselves in service to the destitute, the homeless and the unwanted. They continue their apostolic service through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, reflected according to the needs of our present-day society:

In schools
“The education of children is a great work, an apostolic work and cooperation with God’s work, in the sense that we strive to develop and fix the image of God impressed on souls” (Blessed Maria Schinina). The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus educate the young in schools from Nursery through higher education. Through this educational work, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart teach the young ones the immensity of God’s love and instill this love in them.

In assistance to the elderly
“The elderly are our joy… if you make one of them suffer, you can make Jesus suffer. You are not to consider whether they are burdensome; rather you must think that they are the person of our Lord” (Blessed Maria Schinina`). The Sisters serve the elderly in nursing homes and visit the home-bounds.

Assistance to the Sick

“It will be the duty of the Sisters to assist the sick and the dying and to give them a very loving care” (BMS). The Sisters minister to the sick and the dying in the hospitals to bring them God’s love and compassion. Through this ministry, the Sisters strive to accompany the sick and the dying in their sufferings and help them to identify their suffering with that of Christ.

In home visitation to bring aid and comfort to the need
“Let us love the poor. The poor are God’s favorites and whoever loves the poor loves God. If you have faith, you will see Jesus in those poor…always seek to serve and forget yourselves for everyone” (BMS). With faith, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart strive to serve Jesus in the poor because the poor are the apple of God’s eye. We visit the sick in their homes so that we can give them hope in the midst of their struggles.

In parish, catechetical work  and spiritual direction to educate and guide new generations in Christian living
“We have a duty to mold the hearts of the young people according to the heart of Jesus” (BMS). The Sisters dedicate themselves in serving the youths, helping them to discover God’s love for them through religious education and other parish activities. The Sisters also offer Spiritual Direction or guidance to those who seek to deepen their relationship with God or to those discerning a particular vocation in life. Learn more about spiritual direction…

In Orphanages
“We are preparing those whom we help for the future. Therefore, let us endeavor to develop, correct and strengthen their character” (BMS). The Sisters of the Sacred Heart continue to reach out to the orphans of today, providing them with the spiritual support they need to discover Jesus as their true Shepherd.

In missionary activity
“The teaching of Christian doctrine to the sons and daughters of the people is an important service to be rendered first to God and then to the nation” (BMS). The Sisters work in the United States (Lewiston, New York & Connecticut), Canada, the Philippines, Italy, Romania, Poland, Nigeria, Madagascar, India, France and Panama, serving all God’s people, the spiritually and physically poor, without distinction. The first of the works of mercy undertaken by Blessed Maria Schinina` was the love toward the poor and wretched. In the exercise of such charitable work, she found fulfillment of her aspirations. The Sisters also, following her example, must orient their activities and their spiritual and physical forces toward constant seeking of an encounter with God in those who suffer and bear the discomfort and pain of this earthly exile so that all may be united and be able to go toward the heavenly Father.

The Challenge of Love and Generosity
“From a heart large as the sea,” Maria Schinina` placed all her trust in the infinite heart of God. No difficulty stood her way of finishing the work she had been inspired to do. Her life and example are very relevant for those who strive for greater social equality among peoples because she showed through her deeds how that true “social revolution” in light of the Gospel can come about. Her life and work vividly reflect the parable of the Good Samaritan which movingly symbolizes how much Jesus has done for poor suffering humanity. Her life, in harmony with the life and aspirations of the Church, is today’s theme of the centrality of the human person and the sanctity of human rights so often proclaimed and inculcated by the Second Vatican Council and His Holiness Pope John Paul II. This is the goal of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as they strive to reach out to the spiritually and materially poor of our world.

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