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Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and their mission at Sacred Heart Villa

Sacred Heart Villa continues the tradition of excellence found in Catholic education. Sacred Heart Villa School is a Private Catholic Elementary School located at 5269 Lewiston Road, Lewiston, New York, in Western Niagara County. Sacred Heart Villa is part of the Diocese of Buffalo.

Villa continues to provide quality educational programs to nurture our children spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally as members of Catholic Community, in a warm and loving family environment, while encouraging self-discipline, responsibility, respect for others and self-esteem. The school serves students from Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade. Small classes and low student / teacher ratio provide the best possible educational environment conducive to learning. Latch Key programs are offered before and after school hours to accommodate working parents.

As Catholic educators, we strive to generate in our students a love of God, a commitment to the teaching of the Gospel, and a wholesome desire to serve the people of God in the community in which we live. This is accomplished through religious instruction which is integrated throughout the curriculum and school activities.

Central to the goal of Sacred Heart Villa School is the conviction that high achievement and a quality elementary education with a holistic curriculum is the essential foundation for students’ success in higher education. Under the leadership of a dedicated and qualified faculty, each student is encouraged to strive to reach his/her highest academic potential, while at the same time, growing spiritually in Christian love. We are highly committed to respect of life and dignity of each person. Respect, Reverence, and Responsibility are important themes that are constantly stressed. The Sisters of the Sacred Heart owns and runs Sacred Heart Villa School.

What makes Sacred Heart Villa a Great School? | learn more
At Sacred Heart Villa School, our mission is to “teach as Jesus did.” This is based on fellowship and the life of the spirit. We strive to create a learning atmosphere where each student has the opportunity to reach his/her highest academic potential while, at the same time, growing spiritually in Christian love.

Brief History | learn more
Learn the history of the Sacred Heart Villa in Lewiston Community that started back in 1974 by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It continues to exist today through their apostolic mission.

Who Are We? | learn more
Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are women of faith; following in the footsteps of Blessed Maria Schinina, their foundress, they continue to give life meaning to all those they serve – the youth, the elderly, the orphans, the sick, the poor and the little ones, extending their service into many countries into the generation after her.

They are women who cooperate with God and His Church in the spiritual renewal of the world. They aspire to a more perfect union with God by living the Gospel in its fullness, by professing loyalty to the teachings of the Church, by honoring and venerating Mary as their Mother and model.

Our Foundress | learn more
Blessed Maria Schinina was a woman of faith. Born of a noble family in Ragusa, Italy on April 10, 1844, Maria Schinina spent her youth in the atmosphere of her loving family. She was devout and her concern for the poor was expressed in her many charitable acts. Following the command of Jesus “obey my ministers,” she rejected worldly pleasures and dedicated herself to the destitute and the homeless.

Apostolate |
The Sisters of the Sacred Heart continue their service through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, reflected according to the needs of our present-day society: They devote their lives in the education of the young, in assistance to the elderly, in hospital work, in parish and catechetical work to educate and guide new generations in Christian living, and in missionary activity in different parts of the world.

Steps to Sisterhood | learn more
Those who want to follow the call of Jesus to serve God through the apostolic work of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, enter the Novitiate to personally prepare for religious life. This preparation is segmented into two distinct phases: the Postulancy and the Novitiate.


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