July 2019 Upcoming Events

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR PRE-K & KINDERGARTEN GRADUATES! Enjoy your Summer! We look forward to see all of you in September.

July 1- August 1:Summer Camp is on. You can still call and register now at (716) 284-8273 or 285-9257.
They have a fun day at Power Vista and a whole day Fort Niagara. Music lesson can be arranged with the music teacher. Latch-key is also available. You can also visit us at: www.facebook.com/SacredHeartVillaSchool

On-Going Registration: Learn more
Registration 2019-2020 Information
(716) 284-8273 or 285-9257 or email at shvillaschool@gmail.com

Sacred Heart Villa School is still accepting students for Pre-k 3- 5th Grade for the 2019-20120 school year.   Appointments can be arranged either mornings, after school, or weekends. Call the school at 716- 284-8273 to register or e-mail the school at shvillaschool@gmail.com

Options of 2, 3, or 5 days a week are available for the  3 to 4 years old.
To download registration form, click on Learn More  http://shvilla.org


Parents are reminded to save the Campbell’s Labels; and Big G logo for education and send them to school with your child.  They are used to acquire materials for the school.

Thank you always for your cooperation.  Contact Sr. Elizabeth  at 716-284-8273 if you have any question.

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